• They were screaming, literally screaming, begging!...for California last night in Westport. Better come back sometime this summer eh?
  • Hey one and all, pleased and excited to be dusting myself off after having our second child Jude Magnolia Triance & debuting some of this Tavis E. Triance & The Natural Way material with Rodney Decroo and a great cast of friends and neighbours. https://www.facebook.com/events/1682934611994138/
  • Tomorrow night we're in Calgary at the The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club. Doors at 9PM. More info: http://ow.ly/LW79P
  • CAMROSE! See us April 24 at The Bailey Theatre Tickets and info: http://ow.ly/LW79P
  • THURSDAY :::: Come see us at the Mercury Room Yeg in Edmonton with The Carnival Sons. Tickets and info: http://ow.ly/LW79P